What is Adopt a Charity (AAC)?

AAC is a scheme that works with societies to help them fundraise for charities of their choice. There’s also an opportunity to claim back up to 45% for your club or society too!

If you are a society that would like to raise funds with the help of Sheffield RAG, AAC is the first point of contact.

How AAC works

In the last academic year, ‘Adopt a Charity’ ran 103 different events for 51 different student groups.

We have a full time staff member who work towards helping with budgeting, finance, risk assessments, insurance, event-planning and other fundraising legalities.

RAG is also a working committee consisting of 14 volunteers who can all help you in your fundraising. We can assist you with designing publicity and advertising your events using our Facebook and Twitter pages. Our ‘Adopt a Charity’ team are designated to helping you with ideas creation and booking spaces around university for your society to use.

We can sort out more formal things as well, like permits from the council for RAG RAIDS, setting up Virgin Money Pages online and giving you the pink buckets for you to collect money in. We’re also here to help with any general fundraising queries and to guide you through your event – by the end of the year you’ll be doing it like second nature!

I would like to raise funds, where do I start?

Bake Sale / Small events

You can raise funds through Adopt-A-charity. Please fill in the enquiry form attached below (at least 10 days before the event).

Large Events

You can raise funds through Adopt-A-charity, however you must fill in the form attached below at least 6 weeks before the day of event, as this gives us time to prepare. Regrettably, Sheffield RAG will not be able to organise events which are not within the timescale of 6 weeks.

Events during Exams/Vacations

You must fill in the enquiry form below at least 10 days before the exam or vacation period begins. This is also subject to approval by the Adopt-A-charity team.

Where do I get the RAG buckets from?

RAG buckets can be collected from the welcome desk in the Student’s Union

If you have any questions, contact us on Facebook or send us an email to adoptacharity@sheffieldrag.com