What is RAG Reps?

RAG Reps (Raising and Giving Representative) is a great, fun and very flexible way to make a positive contribution to society by fundraising for charities, whilst being a student at the University of Sheffield.

Two lovely committee members, looking stunning standing next to a massive pink RAG banner, holding flyers.

How does it work?

The great thing about RAG Reps is that the extent of your involvement is up to you, you can take part in whatever number of events YOU want to, and this year, the charities we fundraise for will be voted for by YOU and the events are designed and run by YOU! Come along to one of our workshops and learn more about RAG and how you can get involved in our activities!


What's in it for me?

As a RAG Rep, not only do you help fundraise for charity, you also gain valuable skills and experiences in areas such as event management, marketing, sponsorship, fundraising and logistics that will help you once you leave university and boost your employability opportunities. Being a part of the RAG Reps programme also contributes towards your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) and Sheffield Graduate Awards so will look great on your CV, no matter what career you wish to pursue.


Additionally, RAG Reps is a great way to make new friends and have really great experiences. As well as fundraising events, we will be having many socials including everything from nights out to café meet ups and volunteering visits to our adopted charities which the money we raise goes to supporting so you’re more involved in the process.


Send us an email at ragreps@sheffieldrag.com OR contact us through social media!