I would like to raise funds, where do I start?

Spiderwalk 2018

To know how to raise funds for Spiderwalk, view the fundraising pack here

Bake Sale / Small events

You can raise funds through Adopt-A-charity. Please fill in the enquiry form (atleast 10 days before the event).

Large Events

You can raise funds through Adopt-A-charity, however you must fill in the form atleast 6 weeks before the day of event, as this gives us time to prepare. Regrettably, Sheffield RAG will not be able to organise events which are not within the timescale of 6 weeks.

Events during Exams/Vacations

You must fill in the enquiry form atleast 10 days before the exam or vacation period begins. This is also subject to approval by the Adopt-A-charity team.

Where do I get the RAG buckets from?

RAG buckets can be collected from the welcome desk

If you have any questions, contact us on Facebook or send us an email to rag@sheffield.ac.uk